Racket Business (originally founded by Rich Neher in 2014 as Tennis Club Business) is the World’s leading resource for curated opinions about the racket sports industry from top professionals and insiders. With our famous newsletter we reach over 14,000 subscribers every month and over 125 published newsletters!

Our mission is to help clubs and professionals grow the global sports of tennis, pickleball and padel at the same time as not holding back in raising questions and voicing opinions on the topics that matter. (Rich’s personal fav!)

Our daily purpose is to provide insight, education, information and advice to anyone that’s part of the racket sports industry with a real focus on clubs and coaches.

Please email comments and letters to the Editor at [email protected]. We are particularly interested in opinions about the governing bodies of tennis, pickleball and padel and the growth of these sports. (Please sign emails with your name and where you work. If you prefer to stay anonymous, please let us know.)

Rich Neher, Racket Business Publisher & Founder

Rich Neher on LinkedIn

Rich Neher is a writer, author and as well as founding Tennis Club Business (now Racket Business) he’s the founder/president of Conga Sports.

Rich is the recipient of the 2003 Community Service Award by the USPTA San Diego Division and of the PTR's 2019 Excellence in Media Award.

Previously, Rich managed a Los Angeles tennis club and oversaw Adult Leagues & NTRP Ratings on the USTA Tennislink Team.

Tim Farthing, Racket Business Director & Founder

Tim is an investor in various racket sports businesses including Tennishead, the World’s largest tennis content brand, and All Things Tennis, the UK’s fastest growing racket sports retailer

Tim’s background is in digital publishing and for the past 10 years he’s focussed on tennis.

Tim also coached tennis for a few years and has been involved with tennis clubs his whole life both as a committee member and Chairperson.

Tim Farthing on LinkedIn